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Pune to Pandharpur tour

Pandharpur darshan

  • It is a major sanctuary in Maharashtra and also it is also called South Kashi (Dakshin Kashi) in Maharashtra. It is popular for the Lord Vitthal holy place situated on the bank of Bhima river.
  • Bhima river is additionally referred to as Chandrabhaga as it materializes like a crescent moon near the town.

Shri Vitthal Rukmini Temple

  • Chroniclers think that Pundalik may have been a historical figure who asked the Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana to construct the holy place at Pandharpur.
  • Likewise, there is an inscription in the temple, of a Hoysala king Vira Someshvara going back, which approves the holy place as a village for its upkeep.
  • It is about 210 km away from Pune.

Kaikadi maharaj temple

  • Among the earliest “mathematics” in Pardharpur. Located near the temple. Interesting for kids as it depicts stories from Ramayan and Mahabharat with idols.
  • This is a one-of-a-kind location in the Solapur community, where nearly all important Hindu bibles as well as tales therefrom are portrayed in the form of range designs.
  • Sant Kaikadi Maharaj Math in Navi Peth, Pandharpur is among the leading Forehead in Navi Peth.
  • It’s near the holy place … not that wonderful but if you are going to Pandharpur after that at least browse through as soon as … you require to stroll a whole lot.

Bhakta Pundhalik Temple

  • The main temple of Pundalik Holy place is a five-story building with a pyramidal weapon spire, where the statuary of Jaya and also Vijaya flanks Lord Vitthal.
  • Pundalik Transforms Himself to Serve His Parents. Lord Krishna and also Pundalik. Vitthal Rukmini Mandir or Panduranga Temple– Pandharpur.
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