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Pune to Lavasa tour


lavasa darshan

  • The Distance between Pune to Lavasa by road is 60KM.
  • Lavasa is a hill-station famous for its adventure sports and activities, Lavasa Nature Trails and the Temghar Dam. The place is visited by many all year round, especially during monsoons.

The Promenade

  • Lakeside Promenade is one the famous attraction in Lavasa.
  • The lakeside promenade is one of the star attractions of Lavasa. You can just roam lazily around it or sit on one of the many benches set around the lake
  •  If you are planning to visit Lakeside Promenade, find Lakeside Promenade timings.

Lakeshore Watersports.

  • Enjoy an international watersports experience, with activities like pontoons, bumper boats, jet skiing, water volleyball and pedal boats.
  • Amazing place to enjoy all kinds of water sports. You can have jet ski, boat ride, kayak solo and couple, paddle boats etc. they are very reasonable in price as well.

Ghangad Fort

  • Ghangad Fort established in the center of Tamhini Ghat Pune. It has Tailbaila, Korigad, Sarasgad, and Sudhagad nearby but still separated from them. 
  • A fort situated near 30km from Lonavla-Khandala and 100 km from Pune in Maharashtra state, India.This fort is an important fort in the Pune district
  •  A 300 years old structure situated near Tamhini Ghat and Mulshi, it is said that Ghangad Fort used to be a prison under the kingdom
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